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Anesthetic Medicine

We are looked upon as one of the preeminent Anesthetic Medicine Manufacturers & Exporters from India. The unmatched quality and high effectiveness has made our Anesthetic Medicines highly demanded in the market.

Range Available :
  • Atracurium Besylate Injection
  • Adrenaline Bitatarate Injection
  • Bupivacaine Injection
  • Ketamine HCL Injection
  • Lidocaine Injection
  • Lidocaine with Adrenaline Injection
  • Lidocaine Injection (Topical)
  • Lidocaine Jelly
  • Lidocaine Ointment
  • Midazolam Injection
  • Neostigmine Injection
  • Paneuronium Bromide Injection
  • Propofol Injection
  • Pentazocine Injection
  • Succinyl Choline Chloride Injection
  • Thiopental Sodium Injection
  • Tramadol Hydrochloride injection
  • Vancuronium Bromide Injection

Specifications :
Atracurium Besylate Injection25mg/2.5ml1 x 5 AmpoulesLiquid
50mg/5ml1 x 5 AmpoulesLiquid
Adrenaline Bitatarate Injection1 mg /1 ml1 x 10 AmpoulesLiquid
Bupivacaine Injection0.25% (50mg +20ml),Single VialLiquid
Adrenaline Bitatarate Injection0.5% (100mg/20ml)Single VialLiquid
50mg / mlSingle VialLiquid
100mg/2mlSingle VialLiquid
Lidocaine Injection2%/30ml ,2%/ 50ml,Single VialLiquid
2%/2ml, 5%/2mlSingle VialLiquid
Lidocaine with Adrenaline Injection2% + 1.5mg/30mlSingle VialLiquid
Lidocaine Injection (Topical)4% / 30mlSingle VialLiquid
Lidocaine Jelly2% / 30gm30gm TubeJelly
Lidocaine Ointment2.5%/20gm20gm TubeOintment
Midazolam Injection100mgSingle VialLiquid
500mgSingle VialLiquid
Neostigmine Injection0.5mg / ml1 x 5 AmpoulesLiquid
2.5mg / 5ml1 x 5 AmpoulesLiquid
Paneuronium Bromide Injection4mg/2ml1 x 5 AmpoulesLiquid
Propofol Injection1% in 10ml (100mg),Single VialLiquid
1% in 20ml (200mg);Single VialLiquid
1% in 50ml (500mg)Single VialLiquid
Pentazocine Injection30mg / ml1 x 10 AmpoulesLiquid
Succinyl Choline Chloride Injection500mg/10mlSingle VialLiquid
Thiopental Sodium Injection500mgSingle VialDry Powder injectable
1gSingle VialDry Powder injectable
Tramadol Hydrochloride injection50mg/ml1 x 10 AmpoulesLiquid
100mg/2ml1 x 10 AmpoulesLiquid
Vancuronium Bromide Injection4mgSingleLyophillised

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