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Anti Cancer Medicine

For the best quality Anti Cancer Medicine, we are the best destination in the international market. Supplied in the major chemist shops and hospitals across the globe, these anti cancer medicines are accessible in different types including capsules, tablets, and injections. They are specially used for offering quick relief from the deadly disease of cancer.

Some Special Features of our Anti Cancer Medicine :
  • Exact formulations
  • Hygienic
  • Long shelf life

Range of our Anti Cancer Medicine :
  • Amifostne Injection
  • Etoposide Capsules
  • Granisetron Tablets
  • Idarubicin Injection
  • Methotrexate Tablets
  • Octreotide Acetate Injection

Product Range

AmostinAmifostine Injection500mg
BleonBleomycin Sulfate Injection15IU
CarboforsCarboplatin Injection150mg/15ml , 450mg/45ml
CisforsCisplatin Injection10mg/10ml , 50mg/50ml
ComideCyclophoshamide Injection200mg, 500mg, 1g
ComideCyclophoshamide Tablets25mg , 50mg
CebineCytarabine Injection100mg/ml , 500mg/5ml , 1g/10ml
DoxopureDoxorubicin Hydrochloride Injection10mg, 50mg,
ApzineDacarbazine Hydrochloride Injection100mg , 200mg , 500mg
RubicDaunorubicin Hydrochloride Injection20mg
DoceDocetaxl Injection20mg/0.5ml,80mg/2ml,120mg/3ml
ApuricinEpirubicin Injection10mg, 50mg , 100mg
ApitosideEtoposide Injection100mg/5ml
ApitosideEtoposide Capsules25mg , 50mg , 100mg
FluapFluorouracil Injection250mg/5ml , 500mg/10ml
ApsetronGranisetron Injection1mg/1ml ,3mg/3ml
ApsetronGranisetron Tablets1mg , 2mg
GemineGemcitabine Injection200mg , 1g
IfosIfosfamide Injection500mg , 1g , 2g
Ifos -M- 500mgIfosfamide Injection + Mesna Injection 500mg + 3 Amps x 100mg / ml
Ifos -M- 1gIfosfamide Injection + Mesna Injection1g + 3 Amps x 200mg / 2ml
Ifos -M- 2gIfosfamide Injection + Mesna Injection2g + 3 Amps x 400mg / 4ml
IdaforsIdarubicin Injection 5mg , 10mg , 50mg
ApginaseL-Asparaginase Injection5000 IU , 10000 IU
ApovorinLeucovorin (Calcium Folinate) Injection15mg/2ml , 50mg/5ml
ApovorinLeucovorin (Calcium Folinate) Tablets15mg
TexateMethotrexate Injection "Preservative Free"15mg/3ml , 50mg/2ml
TexateMethotrexate Tablets2.5mg
MitoapMitomycin Injection2mg , 5mg , 10mg
OtreoOctreotide Acetate Injection50mcg/1ml , 100mcg/1ml
ApoxtinOxaliplatin Injection50mg/25ml , 100mg/50ml
ApraxelPaclitaxel Injection30mg , 100mg , 260mg , 300mg
CristineVincristine Injection1mg/1ml , 2mg/2ml
ZoonicZolendronic Acid Injection4mg
ApianBusulphan Tablets2mg
BicalBiculatamide Tablets50mg , 150mg
NeoletzLetrozole Tablets2.5mg
MetrolMegestrol Acetate Tablets40mg
MofenTamoxifen Citrate Tablets10mg, 20mg
TenineThioguanine Tablets40mg
Captopure6-Mercaptopurine Tablets50mg
EmustEstramustin Phosphate Capsules160mg
HyroxHydroxyurea Capsules500mg
CapmusLomustine Capsules40mg
ProzineProcarbazine HCL Capsules50mg
TemozeTemozolamide Capsules20mg , 100mg , 250mg
CapcetCapcetabine Tablets150mg , 500mg
EmapImatinib Capsules100mg , 400mg
AnaszAnastrazole Tablets1mg
APGeftGeftinib Tablets50mg , 150mg, 250mg
NokanIrinotecan Injection20mg , 40mg , 100mg
VinapstinVinblastine Injection10mg
VinaplineVinorelbine Injection10mg , 50mg
PamidroPamidronate Injection30mg, 60mg, 90mg
LeuapLeuprolide Acetate Injection5mg/5mL, 3.75mg Depot
ApsunitSunitinib Capsules12.5mg, 25mg, 50mg
ErloapErlotinib Tablets25mg, 100mg, 150mg
DastapDasatinib Tablets20mg, 50mg, 70mg, 100mg
NiloapNilotinib Capsules200mg
AplabtinLapatinib Tablets250mg
ApsorfebSorafenib Tablets200mg
ApazobPazopanib Tablets200mg, 400mg
BendapmustBendamustine Hydrochloride Injection100mg
ApexestanExemestane Tablets25mg
GosaprelinGoserelin Acetate Implants3.6mg, 10.8mg
TryaprelinTriptorelin Pamoate Injectable Suspension3.75mg, 11.25mg
ApbormibBortezomib Injection3.5mg
ApsetpaloPalonosetron Hydrochloride Injection0.075mg, 0.25mg
Ap-OftamabOfatumumab Injection100mg/5mL
ApBevmabBevacizumab Injection100mg/4mL, 400mg/16mL
TrastmapTrastuzumab Injection440mg
RitumapRituximab Injection500mg
InfixiapInfliximab Injection100mg


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