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Antiviral Drugs

We provide a wide range of Antiviral Drugs that are recommended for curing various infections caused by virus. These antiviral drugs are clinically certified to be used in the patients suffering from viral diseases and infections. Our pharmaceutical antiviral drugs are high on demand in various reputed hospitals and chemist shops.

Special Features :
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Scientifically formulated
  • Longer self life
  • Forms available: Lyophillised, capsules, tablets

Range of Antiviral Drugs :
  • Acicyclovir Dispensable Tablets
  • Aciclovir Sodium Injection
  • Aciclovir Ointment
  • Ganciclovir Capsules

Specifications :
Acicyclovir Dispensable Tablets200mg10 x 10 TabletsTablet
400mg10 x 10 TabletsTablet
800mg10 x 10 TabletsTablet
Aciclovir Sodium Injection250mgSingle VialLyophillised
500mgSingle VialLyophillised
Aciclovir Ointment5 % in 5gm5gm TubeOintment
Ganciclovir Capsules200mg1x10 CapsulesCapsule
500mg1x10 CapsulesCapsule

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